You Are the One You Have Been Waiting For

A Weekend Immersion

in the Ancient Art of Soul Retrieval



Many of us walk around in our daily lives feeling that something is missing.
We have a longing we can’t put into words.
We want to feel whole, but don’t know how or what that looks like.


In the shamanic worldview parts of us go missing when we experience difficult life events. Accidents, abuse, the loss of a beloved, illness, or other traumatic events can leave us feeling fragmented, off balance, and unable to cope.

Soul loss can lead to depression, anxiety, illness, addiction, and other dysfunctions.

Soul retrieval allows us to find the lost parts of ourselves and bring them home.

In this weekend workshop we will explore the shamanic worldview, connect to nature and nature spirits, learn to travel in non ordinary reality, and practice the art of soul retrieval to bring back parts of ourselves that have been lost. We’ll use storytelling and the writing of personal myths to deepen our connection to the spirit realm. We will dance and connect with our ancestors, spirit allies, and with ourselves.

These ancient earth-based practices help us restore our vitality, our lifeforce, and our sense of self and purpose in the world.

Find parts of yourself you forgot you had, and bring them home.




Saturday Feb. 15 2020 | 10am-5pm

Sunday Feb. 16 2020 | 10am-5pm


Friday Jan. 31st 2020 | 5pm-8pm

Saturday Feb. 1st, 2020 | 10am-5pm

Sunday Feb. 2nd, 2020 | 2pm-6pm


$225-$325 Sliding Scale



Location is a private address in Oakland, California/Nassau, Bahamas; address will be given after registration.