We Are All Made of Stars: Shamanism for These times


“Imagine what might follow if we all recognized the deep wisdom in all of nature, saw everything in nature as equals, rejoiced with nature in being part of this incredible journey that started at the big bang, and loved nature as it is instead of dominating it. Imagine a world where humans use their fantastic toolmaking capabilities to foster cooperation with nature and co-create a peaceful, harmonious, and thriving world. …The shamanic tradition holds the promise of such a world.” -Claude Poncelet, The Shaman Within


Shamanism is one of the oldest spiritual technologies on our planet, with roots in every continent. It speaks to us because it is part of our ancestral memory, and because we are wired to see in the dark, to dream.

In these uncertain times, we need more than ever to be able to dream, to see with our eyes closed, to imagine a way forward. 

What might shamanism have to teach us about survival and healing? How might we benefit from this ancient worldview – one that sees all life as interconnected and sacred? One in which we remember ourselves as part of the Sacred Web of Life? As made of the same cosmic seed as the stars?

How do mythos and fairytales embody shamanic themes and what power do they have to light the way during difficult times? And, importantly, how does journeying into the Spirit realms facilitate not just imagination, but transformation on emotional, psychological, and physical levels?

In this weekend workshop, participants will be introduced to the shamanic worldview and its core practices for self healing, healing of others, and to bring balance and health to our communities and our planet.

Participants will learn about the history of shamanism and core shamanic practices, including myth making and storytelling, creating altars and sacred space, journeying for self-healing, soul retrievals, and connecting with the Earth spirits for the good of personal health and community healing.

In these times, it is powerful to remember that we are part of a whole that is deeper and wider than we knew. In these times, shamanism as a practice, as a way of life, as a path of direct revelation, calls us to remember how to live in balance with nature, the cosmos, and ourselves.



“Profound! Inspired discussions, weaving together history, mythology, and science coupled with guided journeying to create a deeply spiritual revelatory experience. The myriad lessons are still unfolding.”

-K.T. Hall