Healing the Child Within: A Shamanic Workshop

Healing the Child Within combines child development psychology with shamanic practices to bring healing to the most unconscious sources of our adult patterns – our inner children.

They hold the key to our liberation!


Childhood is the most critical period of our human lives. Science tells us that 80% of a child’s brain develops by the time he or she is three years old. Our most foundational experiences happen in the womb, and who we become as adults is deeply influenced by experiences in our earliest days, months, and years on this planet. If we spent our first weeks of life in an incubator, or our mother fell ill before we were old enough to walk, or we experienced some other kind of deprivation in these early childhood years, it is likely we continue to yearn for the safety, holding, nurturing, and unconditional love we needed and did not fully receive. As adults we can feel ungrounded, disconnected, sad, needy, overwhelmed with a longing we have few words for and that no thing or person can ever fill.

But all is not lost. The ancient spiritual technology of shamanism – once alive on every continent – can assist us in going back to our earliest experiences and repairing them. In this shamanic healing retreat, author and healing practitioner Helen Klonaris will introduce participants to a unique blend of childhood development psychology and shamanism, sharing practical healing techniques to reconnect you to your authentic self, unlock your deepest potential, and give you freedom to follow your dreams.


Participants will learn about…

  • Attachment styles
  • Child developmental stages
  • Connecting with their own inner children
  • The shamanic worldview
  • Shamanic practices as healing

And experience…

  • Guided Visualizations
  • Healing journeys
  • Light healings
  • Soul retrievals
  • A new womb and birth experience
  • Being witnessed in a loving, compassionate, and safe container


Online retreat | November 17|18 |19 2023, 8am-2pm EST|1pm-7pm GMT

In person retreat | December 2|3 2023, 9am-5pm EST|Nassau, Bahamas

Cost | $275


For more information, or to register for the workshop, write to helen@soulhealingway.com or call WhatsApp or phone at 242-805-2826.