The Soul Healing Way Program

A Program of Personal Healing and Liberation

There is an old wisdom. It tells us that we are all connected. It tells us every tree, rock, fish, human has spirit. And what you do in the physical world, spirit feels it. And what you do in the spirit world, tree, rock, fish, human feels it. This wisdom tells us that because we are connected, and because we are spirit and body, the personal is planetary. And the planetary is personal. One way to heal our planet is to heal ourselves.

The Soul Healing Way is a mystery school, an online and on the ground personal healing and transformational program grounded in earth-based shamanic perspectives and transformative justice principles. Developed by writer, healer, activist, and teacher Helen Klonaris, the Soul Healing Way combines shamanism, child developmental psychology, Jungian psychology, mythology, energy healing, and ceremony to co-create profound transformation and liberation.

In this deeply liminal time – an in between time of slowing down to listen, to turn within and face ourselves, to inquire as to the ways our lives have been shaped by the past, and forces greater than ourselves – The Soul Healing Way offers a powerful connection to community as witness and to an experiential process that will help us identify our spiritual and emotional wounds, and importantly bring to them the healing they need to transform. It will give us tools to recover parts of ourselves we thought were lost, and to identify and re-write the stories we have been telling that keep us from living our most exuberant dreams.

Each of us is a miracle. Like the great silk cotton tree, the little green heron, or the mangrove that grows long skinny legs to lift itself above the surface of the water, we too are miraculous creations that have the right to exist on this extraordinary, precious planet Earth. In this program, we will come together to witness and support each other in a healing process of retrieval and transformation, celebrating as we find and bring ourselves home.



Benefits of the Program

We often struggle to create the life we most want to live. And, as a result of traumas, social inequities, and myriad forms of oppressions, we don’t always have access to the tools we need to help us get there. In The Soul Healing Way we will identify our wounds and the stories they tell; we will bring awareness to the interplay of individual and collective; personal, cultural and societal; and, using the ancient and contemporary arts of shamanism, we will tell new stories, rewiring our brains and forging new pathways to ourselves and our deepest longings.



Consider the following questions:

  • Do you want to live in freedom?
  • Do you want to feel fully alive?
  • Do you want to have access to your gifts and talents?
  • Do you want to release old stories about yourself and the world so you can be free to create new, better stories?
  • Do you want to feel more courage in the face of personal and social challenges?
  • Do you want to live your best dreams?
  • Do you want to know your sacred purpose on earth, and live it unapologetically?

The work we do in The Soul Healing Way Program gives us the tools and experiences we need to let go gently of the old stories created by childhood developmental challenges and by individual and ancestral traumas, so that we can be truly present and free to live our lives and manifest our dreams in the world.

A Three-Year Journey 

The Soul Healing Way is an embodied program that takes participants on a heroic journey to heal us from our experiences in the womb all the way into adulthood. Science tells us that 80% of a child’s brain develops by the time they are 3 years old. Our most foundational experiences happen in the womb. And the next 12 years are crucial to who we become as adults. This is why The Soul Healing Way focuses the first year on healing the inner child. Our second year focuses on transforming those patterns in our lives that stop us from living our best dreams. And the third year explores how our individual lives are impacted by our cultures and world traumas such as colonization and slavery, world wars, famines, and how in turn we can bring healing to those dynamics that live in the world and inside us. In partnership with Spirit, engaging energy medicine and shamanic practices can help us to heal the past so we can live with freedom, purpose, and joy in the present.


“Since I began working with Helen a lot has changed in my life. So much has settled and grown roots. I am healing the traumas of my childhood in a safe and protective space, and in a gentle and loving manner. Helen teaches with unconditional love and without judgement, and I am grateful to be part of her Soul Healing Way.” -Allison Cross

Overview of the Program

Year One: I Come to Get Me! 

  • Introduction to Shamanic Practice
  • Journeying into the Shamanic Realm
  • Connecting with Nature and Plant Allies
  • Experiencing Soul Retrievals
  • Introduction to The Hero’s Journey
  • Introduction to Jungian Psychology
  • Reading and Discussing Creation Myths
  • Learning about Childhood Developmental Psychology
  • Healing the Birth Experience
  • Healing Early Childhood Wounds
  • Ceremonies for Childhood and Adolescent Initiatory Rites
  • Writing a Personal Genesis
  • Co-Creating Group Ceremony

 Year Two: Healing the World In Us 

  • Development of The Hero’s Journey
  • Development of Shamanic Practices
  • Connecting with Nature and Plant Wisdom
  • Experiencing Soul Retrievals
  • Introduction to Shapeshifting
  • Transforming Life Stories
  • Transforming Personal Wounds
  • Deepening into Jungian Psychology
  • Writing a Personal Mythos
  • Exploring Aboriginal, West African, Mediterranean, Indian, Celtic, and Caribbean Myths, Folklore, and Spiritualities
  • Reading and Discussing Psychological and Spiritual Perspectives on Trauma and Transformation
  • Co-Creating Group Ceremony

Year Three: Healing for the World 

  • Advanced Shamanic Practices
  • Connecting with Nature and Plant Wisdom
  • Transforming Family Life Stories
  • Healing Ancestral Wounds
  • Healing Past Lives
  • Accessing Divine Purpose
  • Healings for Colonialism’s Wounds
  • Healings for the Transformation of White Supremacy
  • Healings for the Earth
  • Spiritual Activism and World Work
  • Co-Creating Group Ceremony

Dates and Cost

The Soul Healing Way Program consists of three intensives per year, Thursday through Sunday, 9am-5pm.

Each intensive will begin with healing work in nature, visiting Nassau’s mangrove ponds, walking across sandbars at lowtide, or connecting with the earth and plant life in the enchanting primeval forest. The days following include lectures and embodied experientials, including shamanic journeys, guided energy medicine healings, visualizations, and downtime for reflection and rest.

This is powerful work, and the extended time will allow participants to drop into the healing field and receive amplified healing over the course of our four days together.

Intensives will take place in person in Nassau, Bahamas, and the cost is $2160 per year or $720 per intensive. Payments may be made via Zelle, Paypal, or electronic wire.

There is no obligation to sign up for the entire year. Take the first class and see if you feel called to continue!

Dates for the 2023 program are forthcoming!

Sign Up!

Those interested are invited to write to for more information or to receive an application form. You may also send a WhatsApp message to 510-200-2826 introducing yourself and your interest in the program.

“Helen’s workshop helped me to understand and heal parts of my psyche that my psychologist couldn’t even reach. Devoid of Helen’s gentle yet wise and reassuring guidance, I’m not sure if I would have been willing to do the emotional work that was needed.” -Felicite Carroll

“Helen’s incredible ability to …guide us in deep, embodied practice and to connect with one another is worthy of an essay of its own, and in this moment I’ll just say she seriously threw down, holding space, love, compassion, curiosity, and invitation, all with an anti-colonial, anti-racist stance. The workshop was transformative. I learned that shamanic practice is an ancient technology, born of human ingenuity and spirit that allows all of us to use our wisdom, our imagination, and our collective myths and symbols and stories to directly access healing and insight for personal, ancestral, cultural, and -importantly- social need.” -Alissa Schwartz, Solid Fire Consulting