The Soul Healing Way Program

A Program of Personal Healing and Liberation

The Soul Healing Way is a comprehensive 3-year program for personal healing and liberation based in Nassau, Bahamas. Developed by writer, healer, and teacher Helen Klonaris, and rooted in over a decade of study in the healing arts, it brings together the love and power of story, the deep and ancient wisdom of shamanism as a spiritual technology, and the sacred presence of our interconnection with all life to transform our wounds into our gold.

As a people we share a history on these islands. Some of our experiences have been joyful and triumphant, and others have been deeply oppressive and wounding. All of us are born into families and situations that influence how we feel about ourselves and the world, how we walk in that world, and whether we are able to sustain ourselves in it. The Soul Healing Way is a program that will help us identify our spiritual and emotional wounds, and importantly bring to them the healing they need to transform. It will give us tools to uncover parts of ourselves we thought were lost, and to identify and re-write the stories we have been telling that keep us from living our most exuberant dreams.

Each of us is a miracle. Like the great silk cotton tree, the little green heron, or the mangrove that grows long skinny legs to lift itself above the surface of the water, we too are miraculous creations that have the right to exist on this extraordinary, precious planet Earth. In this program, we will come together to witness and support each other in a healing process of retrieval and transformation, celebrating as we find and bring ourselves home.

vintage-jetty-on-lakeBenefits of the Program

We often struggle to create the life we most want to live. And we don’t always have access to the tools we need to help us get there. In The Soul Healing Way, we won’t just talk about what is hard, or what we want to create; instead, by understanding and practicing the ancient and contemporary arts of shamanism, we will actively shift old stories and patterns to create new pathways to ourselves and our deepest longings.

Consider the following questions:

  • Where do you hurt?
  • Do you find yourself stuck in old patterns you can’t seem to shake?
  • Do you feel you just can’t seem to ‘get it together’?
  • Do you often feel like you don’t belong?
  • Is it hard to sustain yourself financially?
  • Do past experiences keep you from having the intimacy you want?
  • What is your soul’s longing?
  • What do you dream of creating in your life and in the world?

Participants in The Soul Healing Way can expect to learn how to use ancient and universal tools to access the healing they need to change their lives and to live more fully into who they are and what they have come here to do.

In the first year of the program participants can expect to

  • Learn about the Shamanic worldview
  • Journey into the shamanic realm
  • Connect with plant and animal allies
  • Experience soul retrievals
  • Learn about child developmental psychology
  • Understand Jungian human psychology
  • Become acquainted with the Hero’s Journey and Rites of Passage
  • Discover the Hero’s Journey in myth and folktales
  • Use shamanic journeys and shamanic states of consciousness to heal and transform childhood wounds
  • Connect with their inner children
  • Have a new womb experience
  • Experience a joyful re-birth
  • Write a personal mythos
  • Feel seen, cherished, and welcomed in a safe and sacred community environment


“When our childhood needs were unfulfilled, they left a psychic wake: grief at the loss and a long, plaintive, interior cry for what we missed.” -David Richo

Overview of the Program

Year One: I Come to Get Me! 

  • Introduction to Shamanic Practice
  • Introduction to The Hero’s Journey
  • Introduction to Jungian Psychology
  • Learning about Childhood Developmental Psychology
  • Healing the Birth Experience
  • Healing Early Childhood Wounds
  • Ceremonies for Childhood and Adolescent Initiatory Rites
  • Journeying into the Shamanic Realm
  • Connecting with Nature and Plant Allies
  • Experiencing Soul Retrievals
  • Writing a Personal Genesis
  • Co-Creating Group Ceremony

 Year Two: The Rainbow Path 

  • Development of The Hero’s Journey
  • Development of Shamanic Practices
  • Walking The Rainbow Path
  • Transforming Life Stories
  • Transforming Personal Wounds
  • Writing a Personal Mythos
  • Exploring Aboriginal, West African, Mediterranean, Indian, Celtic, and Caribbean Myths, Folklore, and Spiritualities
  • Reading and Discussing Psychological and Spiritual Perspectives on Trauma and Transformation
  • Connecting with Nature and Plant Wisdom
  • Co-Creating Group Ceremony

Year Three: Medicine for the World 

  • Advanced Shamanic Practices
  • Advanced Work on the Rainbow Path
  • Transforming Family Life Stories
  • Healing Ancestral Wounds
  • Healing Past Lives
  • Accessing Divine Purpose
  • Co-Creating Group Ceremony
  • Connecting with Nature and Plant Wisdom
  • Healings for Colonialism’s Wounds
  • Healing for the Earth (w/ Particular Focus on the Bahamas and the Caribbean)
  • Spiritual Activism and World Work

Dates and Cost

There will be three five-day classes in the first year of the program. August 19-23, December 2-6, 2020, and April 21-25, 2021. Second and third years to be announced!

The cost of the first year of the program, including lodging and meals, is $2850 or $950 per class. Participants may pay for each class separately, or the entire amount of year one in a single payment. Additional payment options are available, including a 12-month payment plan – please ask!

There is no obligation to sign up for the entire year. Take the first class and see if you feel called to continue!


Sign Up!

Those interested are invited to write to for more information or to receive an application form. You may also send a WhatsApp message to 510-200-2826 introducing yourself and your interest in the program. I can’t wait to hear from you!

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 sheltering in place regulations, and the great uncertainty that has become our new normal, it is our hope that the above dates will be possible. In addition to the site specific program – based in Nassau, Bahamas and (dates coming soon) the Bay Area, the Soul Healing Way program will be made available online – details to be announced soon.

“Helen’s workshop helped me to understand and heal parts of my psyche that my psychologist couldn’t even reach. Devoid of Helen’s gentle yet wise and reassuring guidance, I’m not sure if I would have been willing to do the emotional work that was needed.” -Felicite Carroll, You Are the One You Have Been Waiting For Participant