Healing Roots: A Virtual Shamanic Circle


Preparing for Our Circle


Please be mindful of the following:

This is sacred space dedicated to supporting ALL people who need support in this time – all are welcome to gather in a safe, accepting, and affirming space for healing.

Your time is sacred; please share from your heart and body what most wants and needs to be expressed.

If you have never experienced shamanic journeying, please read the following summary on journeying and the shamanic worldview so that you can be prepared for the journey. If you are interested in learning more about shamanic practice, please consider taking Helen’s class We Are All Made of Stars, April 7/8 through May 5/6 as well as her program The Soul Healing Way, which will take place in Nassau, Bahamas and the Bay Area, beginning in late summer/early fall, 2020.


The Shamanic Journey

A journey is a way of describing our movement out of ordinary reality into non-ordinary reality. We move, or journey by shifting our consciousness, from ordinary awareness to extraordinary awareness – from a logical beta brain wave to a visionary theta brain wave whose slower vibration resonates with the frequency of the Spirit Realm. Shamanic practitioners use percussion instruments such as a drum or a rattle, as well as their voices to assist journeyers to shift their consciousness.


We do this so that we can connect with the Spirit Realm where we can receive guidance and healing for emotional, psychological, and physical ailments. There are three basic levels or dimensions within the Spirit Realm: the Middle Realm is the spiritual dimension of this earth world; the Upper Realm is that dimension in which we find divine beings, teachers, guides, and healers; and the Lower Realm is the dimension in which earth and oceanic spirit allies reside and who assist us in various ways, including finding lost parts of ourselves that are ready to come home.


The Spirit Realm is powerful and wise. It is my experience that the wisdom of our psyches is met by the wisdom of the Spirit Realm, and your journey unfolds in a way that is unique to you and to your culture, through symbolic images and actions. Key to journeying is openness, allowing, and curiosity. Be open to the unexpected. Allow images and perhaps a story to unfold without forcing something to happen. And let your curiosity lead you in whatever direction feels right.


It is also important to understand that our journeys are not movies we simply watch passively, but that as they unfold we can interact with the beings and landscape that emerge in our awareness. This means we can ask questions, we can choose left or right, up or down, we can give gifts to beings we meet and receive their gifts to us; we can use our agency to make decisions along the way, even as we stay open, allow and continue to be curious.


This brings me to another important point: imagination is the bridge to the Spirit Realm. It is through imagination that you begin to use all of your senses – smell, sight, hearing, touch, and taste – awakening you to a fully embodied experience in the Spirit realm. When in doubt, imagine. And as you imagine, remember again to surrender to the wisdom of the Spirit Realm and flow.


Remember too, in the shamanic worldview it is understood that we are all energy, and that we are interconnected, part of a great web of life that extends beyond our communities, our countries, or even this planet – we are part of a cosmic web of life that is alive and that has a spiritual dimension. Remembering this is powerful as we realize that what we do in the physical dimension affects the spiritual dimension, and what we do in the spiritual dimension can and does affect the physical dimension. This also means that healing ourselves doesn’t just affect our life, or our family, it affects the entire web of life. When we heal one, we are influencing the healing possibilities for the whole. We need this knowing now more than ever.


I welcome you to join us every Thursday evening, 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific, for guided visualization, heart check in, and shamanic journeying. Blessings on your journey.


Helen Klonaris



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