Dreaming a More Just World

A Shamanic Workshop to Transform Racism

with Helen Klonaris


We live in deeply troubling times. Our planet is facing painful crises from fires to hurricanes and floods season after season. In our communities, particularly in the United States, along with so many other challenges, we continue to witness and experience the ongoing reality of racism – even as so many seek to raise awareness. Racism, like many of our contemporary ailments, arises from a distortion of our most fundamental relationship – that between humans and nature. The shamanic worldview invites us to remember that all life is connected and interrelated, and by connecting once again to nature through our bodies, the earth, and the animate world of spirit within all things, we can begin to heal ourselves, and our communities.

Over the course of three days we will explore the (his)story of colonialism and where it lives in the world and in our bodies. We will connect with our diverse ancient shamanic roots and take journeys into the spirit realm to retrieve lost soul parts, bring medicine to sites of distortion inside ourselves, and finally, journey for our communities and society to help heal and transform racism on our planet.

Participants will learn core shamanic techniques including:

  • Embodied visualization
  • Soul retrievals
  • Journeys into the Shamanic realm
  • Ancestral clearing and healing
  • Co-creating altars
  • Storytelling and mythmaking

Dates and location to be announced.


“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.” -David Richo